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UPDATE Later Daters: The Series released Oct 29, 2020

Thank you everyone who has supported us while we develop this project. Due to Itch being unable to support DLC at this time, we have created a new project with all 7 episodes included.  We will no longer be updating this project. If you have purchased and played Part 1, and would like to buy the the full game, please email marketing@bloomdigital.to to get a coupon code .

We apologize for any inconvenience but promise Part 2 was well worth waiting for, and releasing in parts figured heavily into us being able to make the story as fantastic as it is now.

If any Part 1 game owners have any questions or concerns for us, send us an email at marketing@bloomdigital.to


Chris Fitzgerald (Producer) and the rest of the Bloom Digital Team


Move to a Retirement Community

You’re the newest resident at Ye OLDE retirement community, where you’ll meet a cast of sexy seniors who are all dying (not literally) to meet you. It’s a lot like summer camp, but with orthopedic shoes, bridge clubs, and more jell-o. It’s an adjustment as you settle in, but who knows: maybe these will turn out to be the best years of your life!

Meet Cute Silver Foxes

Adventure, passion, and transformation are not experiences reserved for the young. Later Daters portrays the aging process as a rollicking romp and reminds us of what the elderly can teach us about our capacity for love.

... And Date Them

Remember if the chairs are a-rockin' don't come a-knockin!

Gameplay Features:

  • Play as a sexy senior! Customize your look, name, romance history, and gender.
  • Have some intimate adventures that deal with mortality, vulnerability, and getting some action.
  • Enjoy LGBTQ inclusive romance and poly relationship options.
  • Pick your favorite companion creature : A cat, a dog... Or a robot?
  • Date and flirt with eight fetching residents of Ye OLDE...

Part 1

Ep 1 - Welcome to Ye OLDE New Home

Moving into Ye OLDE retirement community is a huge change -- it’s full of strangers, the walls are thin, and privacy seems impossible. Even if you want to meet people, getting out there is daunting. But when your faithful pet escapes, you have no choice!

Ep 2 - The Social Club Shuffle

On your second day at Ye OLDE, it’s time to join a social club! If clubs aren’t your thing and you refuse to join, you’ll discover how hard it is to get alone time at Ye OLDE. And if social clubs do interest you, you’ll have a chance to develop some special connections.

Ep 3 - Movie Night!

 Tonight’s film is a sci-fi classic starring Ye OLDE’s resident rockstar, Jax Argo! But who you’re going to the movie with turns out to be a bigger issue than you thought. The rules of dating are different in your golden years. Are you ready for the dating scene at Ye OLDE?


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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This is great. The characters all feel so cleanly defined, yet distinct from the tropes we're all used to seeing in romance games. Their relationships are also welcome new territory, and the UI and other presentation elements are on board to make everything a good time.

Wanted to buy it for Linux, but it's not available.


Short comment: This game is a blast and I absolutely recommend it!

Long comment:

This game is just so much fun. Even when it dips into more serious topics, it never loses it's light-hearted tone.

The art style is lovely and very polished. I loved the extra scenes in-between, especially how they were customised to fit my choices (my character and pet). The expressions are lovely (especially when they get flustered!).

I enjoyed the writing very much. Each character has their own story and it's worth replaying the game to get to know all of them a little better. The writing style is engaging and well-balanced.

While the gameplay for visual novels doesn't change too strongly between games, I loved how many choices there were, with big or small consequences. And because some choices could lead me to entirely different scenes, the game was worth several replays!

It's also a breath of fresh air to see a game about seniors, especially with the great LGBTQ+ representation. I love it! It was more than worth its money!


I was really moved by the stories of the characters and the way that they were presented 💙💙 it shows that this game is written with a lot of love and dedication. I’m really looking forward to play the rest of it!!


So glad you enjoyed it! We have cribbage out now, and Part 2 is on its way!


I don't really know what I was expecting with this game, I got it in a bundle and I didn't look too closely at it, but I was pleasantly surprised when I played it! I found it to be very cute and charming, and I'm looking forward to all the updates ahead!!


hello i like the concept of your game but i have a problem, i can't open the icon folder, the one for save, i think? when i do that the game show me the Ye Olde building at night, i have the sound, but nothing else and i try almost every touch of my keyboard i can do nothing. I have to use the windows button for exit. I have a window 10 system. every thing else seem to work but not this

Hi! I’m very excited to play this, but is there any chance of a Linux build? I ask because sometimes WINE doesn’t like Unity games (but not always, so it’s not a huge deal). Thanks!


The mac version doesn't work, at least on 10.15 Catalina. "The application “LaterDaters.app” can’t be opened."


If you are familiar with the terminal window in mac you can use the following terminal directions: 

Go to whatever folder that the later daters is in by typing cd <path to folder>
Go into the app by following the path LaterDaters.App/Contents
once in  the Contents folder type: chmod +x MacO

And that will work, if you'd like a bit more clarity in directions, you can join our discord and we can chat you through it : https://discord.gg/fdHExNe

Thank you!

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this game is so adorable, i bought it as part of the bundle and immediately was enamored by the concept and design, and i adored all of the characters and the camaraderie of the community and the ability to choose who we want to romance, and our pronouns, the art design and romance so far in this game is so cute, i cant wait for the next part!

Thank you!

Will each part be a separate purchase?


Part 2 will be the same price as Part 1.


Thank you for the reply! :)

Does this game have a demo?


best game ever!


Thanks for your support!